Top 15 Amazon Products that can be Shipped to Australia



10. Cameras

Amazon Camera

We cannot deny that many Aussies are photo enthusiasts. With social media at its peak, taking and sharing photos online have become part of our daily activities. While the cameras of the latest smartphones in the market produce decent photos, those taken from digital cameras are certainly way better.

One thing that Aussies hate though is that DSLR cameras sold in local stores are considerably higher than those sold in other countries especially in USA. Because of this, many Aussies resort to importing DSLR cameras from overseas online stores. One of the top destinations – With over 660 Digital and DSLR cameras and over 850 add-on lenses listed for International Shipping, Aussies have indeed found a good alternative. Many save $50-$100 when buying through Amazon. And with the international shipping cost starting only at $7.98, that really is a deal that one can’t resist.

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