Top 15 Amazon Products that can be Shipped to Australia



14. Health Supplements

Amazon Health Supplements

An overwhelming majority of Aussies take vitamin and health supplements. With an estimated worth of $1.5 billion, the supplements industry in Australia is indeed a profitable business. No wonder, companies spend heavily in advertising their respective products. With such a huge demand, many retailers came out including those selling online.

Surprisingly, Australians even resort to overseas online stores in purchasing their health supplements. One of the popular go-to store of many is Because Amazon ships internationally, Aussies can order supplements at the store that are eligible to International Shipping. At the moment, Amazon lists over 500 products that may be shipped to Australia and other international destinations. The popular brands include Optimum Nutrition, Natural Factors and Source Naturals.

The cost of sending these items to Australia is the same with the power tools in #15.

  • $4.99 plus $2.99/lb for 9-12 days of Standard Shipping.
  • $7.99 plus $3.99/lb for 7-11 days of Expedited Shipping.
  • $29.99 plus $5.99/lb for the quick 2-5 days of Priority Courier Shipping.

In this page, you can choose from over 500 health supplements that you can buy directly from

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