Top 15 Amazon Products that can be Shipped to Australia



3.DVDs & Blu Rays

Amazon DVD Australia

At number 3, DVDs and Blu Ray Discs. Here are the reasons why we ranked them at 3rd place.

First, it is very convenient and cheap to import DVDs and Blu Ray discs from The prevailing rate for shipping DVDs from Amazon to Australia starts at $4.99 per shipment plus $1.99 per item. Buy 10 DVDs and you’ll only pay $24.89 for shipping. That’s just an additional $2.50 for every DVD you purchase. It’s less than what some local online DVD stores charge.

Second, Amazon stocks newly-released titles and even offers pre-orders for future releases. With that, you won’t ever feel left out with the latest movies.

Third, the inventory is just so huge. Amazon currently lists over 180,000 DVDs and over 12,000 Blu-Ray Discs that are eligible for International Shipping. From Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Drama, to Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller and Romance, carries any title you might think of.

Lastly, not only that the shipping is cheap, you will also find titles at Amazon that are less than $5.00. In fact, there are over 7,000 of them that can be shipped internationally. Almost 1500 of them were released in 2010 or newer.

If you want to add to your DVD and Blu Ray collection, you can browse this Amazon page.

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