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Amazon Kindle is definitely the most popular ebook reader in the market. It receives 5-star rating from almost all of its buyers at The success of device is not only apparent in USA but also all over the world. In Australia, many choose Kindle as their e-reading device. In fact, Amazon has recently opened, the company’s Australia e-book store, to better address the e-book demands in Australia.

Below are the Kindle devices available in the market today. Choose which device you would like to buy and we’ll show you all the available deals from all Kindle Australia stores and other international stores that offer shipping to Australia.

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Amazon Kindle E-readers
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Amazon now has four (4) Kindle E-book readers, namely: the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis. While all of these devices are stand-alone e-readers, each one of them has its own unique features. To help you decide which one is best for you below is the comparison table of the features, technical specification and prices of Kindle E-readers and where you can buy them in Australia.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Australia

The Kindle is Amazon’s entry-level e-book reader. It is now on its 8th generation. This new-generation Kindle device retains the 6-inch screen and it inherited the touchscreen of the now discontinued Kindle Touch. The 6-inch display is powered by Pearl e-paper that delivers glare-free reading even under the direct sunlight.

One of the advantages of this Kindle device is that it is the cheapest among the E-reader family at only USD 99.99. The downside, however, is that it only comes in Wi-fi only model. The 3G capable model is not available.

The basic Kindle model is available for direct shipping to Australia at It is likewise available in several Kindle Australia stores online like Dicksmith, E Global Digital Cameras, Readershop, DWI Digital Camera, Big W, JB Hi-fi, and other stores.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Australia

Kindle Paperwhite Australia

Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular Kindle device among Australians. With its high contrast and high-resolution display, anyone could easily find comfort in using this e-book reader. Responsible for this great display is Amazon’s exclusive Carta e-paper thechnology. Amazon promises that you don’t have to worry about eye strains, and glares on outdoor reading.

Amazon also introduced built-in LED lights in Kindle Paperwhite. The light adjusts depending on the condition of lighting. Kindle Paperwhite also has a thin and light-weight design.

Unlike the basic model, Kindle Paperwhite comes with Wi-fi only and Wi-fi with Free 3G model, with latter being a little bit more expensive than the former.

This model is now available at at a low price and is eligible for direct shipping to Australia. If you opt to buy it online from local stores, several Kindle Australia stores now allow you to buy Kindle Paperwhite, like Big W, JBHiFI, Readershop, Topbuy, Dicksmith and other stores.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Australia

Kindle Voyage

When Kindle Voyage was introduced by Amazon US, stocks got sold-out in an instant. Fortunately, the device is now back on stock and is made available to more Amazon customers.

Kindle Voyage features the PagePress, a proprietary mechanism that turns pages by applying slight pressure on the right or left bezel of the device. It is also equipped with the latest built-in LED lights without producing any glare on the display, and a light sensor that makes the screen adapt to the lighting condition of the environment.

Kindle Voyage is available in Wi-fi only and with Free 3G model. Price starts at USD 219.99.

Amazon Global now ships Kindle Voyage directly to Australia. Other Kindle Voyage Australia stores sells this device like Readershop, Topbuy, Big W, DickSmith, JBHifi and other Kindle Australia stores.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Australia

Amazon Kindle Oasis Australia

Kindle Oasis is the latest addition to Amazon Kindle E-Reader Family. It is equipped with Amazon’s latest technology that demands a higher price tag.

Kindle Oasis is thinnest and lightest kindle device and features an ergonomically designed handgrip which houses the devices page turn buttons. Apart from these, Kindle Oasis also comes with premium leather cover that transforms itself into a powerbank battery one it is attached to the device.

The device is also sold in Wi-fi + 3G model and Wi-fi only model. Price starts at USD 309.99

If you want to buy Kindle Oasis Australia, would be your go-to store as the store now delivers the Oasis directly to Aussie shoppers.

Amazon Kindle Fire Australia

buy kindle fire

Apart from the E-readers, Amazon also manufactures Android Tablets. These are more popularly known as Kindle Fire Tablets. Price starts as low as USD 49.99 and the top of the line is priced at USD 304.99.


The Kindle Fire line has also its own members, namely: Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD6, Kindle Fire HD8, and Kindle Fire HD10. If you are looking for Kindle Fire HDx 8.9 and Kindle Fire HD7, these models have already been discontinued in favor of the improved HD8 and the new HD10.

All models are now powered by quad-core processor and feature high-resolution LED display. Depending on the model, internal storage capacity ranges from 8GB to 64 GB. None of the Kindle Fire Tablets comes with 3G or LTE capability model.

Kindle Fire is now available at your favorite Kindle Fire Australia stores such as Big W, JBHiFi, Dicksmith, Topbuy, Readershop and other stores. Previously, Amazon directly ships Kindle Fire tablets to Australia but for undisclosed reason, the online store discontinued the same. Nevertheless, in case of local unavailability, you can directly buy at and use freight forwarder to ship to Australia.