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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Bestselling Kindle Paperwhite is now in Australia. Kindle Paperwhite sports 6-inch high-resolution display powered by Amazon’s proprietary E-ink Carta technology and built-in LED. This version comes with a Wi-Fi only model and a Wi-Fi + Free 3G model.

Kindle Paperwhite is available directly at, through the Amazon Global Page. The device can be shipped directly to Australia with very minimal shipping fee. The Kindle devices that Amazon directly ship to Australia are the versions without Special Offers.

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+ $11.98
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Other Offers:

AUD 166.00 (Wi-fi and with Ads)

USD 209.00 (3G)

AUD 222.01 (Wi-fi)

AUD 225.00 (Wi-fi)

AUD 229.00 (Wi-fi)

AUD 339.00 (wi-fi)

AUD 449.00 (3G)

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Kindle Paperwhite sports a high resolution and high contrast 6″ display with innovative built-in light.

High Contrast and High Resolution Display

The second generation Kindle Paperwhite has a 6″ display with equipped with proprietary Carta e-paper technology that is responsible for producing higher contrast and higher resolution texts.  With this technology, you will enjoy reading without glare, and thus, no eye strains, and you can do this even under the bright sunlight.

Innovative Built-in light

The traditional Kindle is not equipped with LED screen. Hence, the absence of backlight could be a problem when reading at night. We have a different story now because the new Kindle Paperwhite is powered by Amazon’s proprietary built-in light that lightens up the screen depending on the lighting conditions.

Month-long Battery Life

Battery life will never be an issue with Kindle Paperwhite. Since it is not made up of power-hungry LED screen, the device can  last up to eight (8) weeks with a single charge with the Wi-Fi turned off and at an average half an hour of use per day.

Wi-fi Only and Wi-Fi + Free 3G models available

Unlike the Kindle 2014, Kindle Paperwhite has two variations, the Wi-Fi only model and the one with Free 3G. The 3G model works without the need of any data subscription. It is completely free and it can be used in any 3G hotspots in Australia.

Light-weight Design

Kindle Paperwhite weighs 7.6 ounces which is 30% lighter than your iPad mini. It is designed to fit in your pocket and you can hold it comfortable with one hand for an extended period of time.

Built-in Dictionary, Taking and Sharing Notes

Just like the Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite is also equipped with a built-in dictionary for an instant look up of word definitions. Note taking and sharing is also pre-installed in this device.

Kindle Paperwhite Australia ships Kindle Paperwhite directly to Australia. If you are buying online from Australia, you can enjoy the low prices of Kindle Devices as displayed at Amazon USA store and ship orders directly to Sydney, New South Wales, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Victoria, and anywhere in Australia. This is done through the Amazon Global Program.