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The All New Kindle Ereader with 6-inch Glare-Free Touchscreen (B0186FET66) is the cheapest among Kindle E-reading devices.

You can buy it directly at from Australia by using the Amazon Global Program. The Kindle model sold by Amazon to international customers has no sponsored ads and screen savers so you can enjoy reading without the annoying ads and notifications.

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No Glare Display

It sports a 6-inch touchscreen display. The screen features Pearl e-paper display that is responsible for eliminating glares even if the device is used under the sun. Through this innovation, you will feel like reading a real book.

Wi-Fi, no 3G

This model has a built-in Wi-Fi capability which allows you to access Amazon e-book stores and purchase and download your favorite e-books. Unfortunately, this model does not come with free 3G capability. If this would be an issue to you, I advise you to purchase Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage instead.

Month-long Battery Life

Enjoy reading without the hassle of charging your device very often. This new generation Kindle can last up to four (4) weeks on a single charge. The drained battery can be fully charged within an approximate period of four (4) hours.

Thousand of Books to Store

Store as many books as you can with this e-reader for it features a 4 GB memory that can hold thousands of ebooks sold at Amazon and other digital bookstores.

Take notes and Share quotes

With social media at its peak, Amazon has added features in its Kindle devices that will make social sharing easier to users. Add notes and share interesting quotes directly on Facebook, Twitter and Goodread.

Built-in Dictionary, X-Ray and Wikipedia

Select a word or phrase and you’d be able to instantly look up its definition in the Oxford Dictionary with added information from Wikipedia and X-Ray.

Shopping Amazon Kindle Australia

Kindle E-readers are Amazon’s bestselling products. With the development of Amazon Global Program, is now able to take Kindle orders from international customers. Thus, even if you are based in Australia, you can now sign up an account with and buy the latest kindle devices and have your orders shipped to Australia. handles the door-to-door shipping from their warehouse to your home address in Australia, whether it be in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, NSW , Canberra or anywhere.

Amazon only ships the no-ads version of Kindle devices.

On the alternative, you can also buy your Kindle e-reader from our list of Amazon Kindle Australia stores above.