Australia’s Customs Duties and Taxes for Amazon Products

By shopping at from Australia, you are actually importing an article to the country. Hence, you become the importer of record who should comply with the prevailing rules regarding customs fees, duties and taxes levied upon imported goods. Sounds complicated right? With the Amazon Global Program, however, you need not undergo this process. Amazon and its shipping agents will do it for you.


Amazon Import Fee Deposit for Australia-Bound Goods

During the Checkout process at Amazon, you will be shown an extra charge called Import Fee Deposit.This fee will be used by Amazon’s shipping partners in paying the customs fees, duties and taxes levied upon your package as soon as it reaches the shores of Australia. With that, you don’t have to personally attend to the process of having your package cleared for customs purposes.


How Much is the Import Fee Deposit


Import Fee Deposit


Amazon computes the Import Fee Deposit based on the prevailing customs and tax laws of Australia. Under our rules, any goods imported to Australia with a value of not more that AU$ 1000 is free from customs duties and taxes. Should your goods exceed the threshold value, applicable customs duties and taxes will be charged by Amazon as Import Fee Deposit. The rate will depend on the classification of the goods, its value and it weight.

It must be stressed, however, that this Deposit is only an estimate. If the actual fees levied upon your goods is lower than the deposit, the difference will be refunded to your credit card. On the other hand, if the actual fee is greater than the deposit, you will be charged with the deficiency.






Estimate your Import Fee with DutyCalculator

If you want to estimate your import fee, use the DutyCalculator* widget below. Just fill out the form and click calculate. DutyCalculator provides 3 free calculations per user. After which, you should sign up for a subscription to continue using this tool.

*Note that DutyCalculator is a third-party widget. We are not responsible for any error in the calculations.

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