Amazon Global Warranty and Return Issues

Products sold at usually have their own warranty policies. These warranty policies are most significant when purchasing electronics. It is very common that electronics may come out of the box either partially damaged or defective that renders it unusable. Hence, knowing the warranty policies for the items you buy is essential.


International Warranty

Items listed at are really intended for the US market. Thus, most manufacturer warranties cover only items shipped in the USA. Nevertheless, you’ll find products at that includes International Warranty. We advise that you select these products over those with limited warranty. In the event that your item has International Warranty, you now have to find for accredited service centers in Australia  that shall repair your item should it be defective.

Another thing, take note of the manual, product descriptions and safety warnings of the product. These documents may be in a language other than English or that the manuals and warnings may not apply in Australia. Also, it is your responsibility to make sure that the goods you are purchasing can lawfully be imported to Australia.

Finally, do note that using freight forwarders or hand-carrying items overseas may avoid your International Warranty.


Returning Defective Items or Wrong Package

Return Policies is a must for any online stores. has that and it is available even for internationally-bound orders. If you happen to receive defective items or a wrong package, you can file a request at Amazon Return Center. If the reason for the return is due to error on the part of Amazon, the latter will reimburse you of the cost of returning the item to it. Amazon will issue a refund equivalent to the price of the item. For more information about refund, click here. Most items should be returned within 30 days after delivery.


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