4 Tips to Get the Best Deals at Amazon UK from Australia

Similar to Amazon.com, Amazon UK also offers its own version of Amazon Global Programme. Through this, residents of non-European countries may place orders at Amazon.co.uk and the latter will have them shipped to select countries around the globe. Amazon UK is currently able to ship to thirty-six (36) countries only. Among these countries are Australia, New Zealand, United States, India, China, Venezuela, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.


1. Searching AmazonGlobal Eligible Products

To shop at Amazon.co.uk from Australia, search for an item that is eligible for International Shipping. Filtering products that may be delivered straight to Australia is easy. Just scroll down at the left side bar and look for the “AmazonGlobal Eligible” filter similar to what is shown below.


Amazon UK Australia

After making sure that the item you wish to order from Amazon UK is eligible for international delivery, you may now proceed to the Check Out process. Sign up for an account if don’t have one yet. Key in your Australian Home Address as your Shipping Address.


2. Payment Methods

Amazon.co.uk is accepting major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, EuroCard, MasterCard, American Express, Delta and UK based Maestro and Solo cards. Unfortunately, Amazon UK does not support PayPal payments. Similarly it does not accept cash in any currency, wire transfers, or cheques.


3. Delivery Rates and Transit Times

When shopping at international stores, you should always consider the cost of shipping. If the landing cost of your order will become higher because of the shipping fee than if you buy locally, forget about these stores and just buy from local retailers.

If you want to estimate your shipping cost, refer to the table below for Amazon.co.uk shipping rates to Australia. To calculate, select which of the three methods you prefer. Then, multiply the per item or kilogram cost by the number of items you bought or by its weight, as the case may be. Then, add it to the per shipment cost.

Amazon UK to Australia Rates


4. Import Fee Deposit

By shopping at Amazon.co.uk, you are in effect importing an article to Australia. Hence, import fees may be charged to your package. The good news is you don’t have to worry about these fees if your order does not exceed AU$ 1000. If it exceeds that amount, Amazon UK will charge you additional fee called Import Fee Deposit which will be used by the shipping agent in paying the dues for you items as soon as they reach the Customs Office.



There you have it. If you feel restricted with your local online shopping, Amazon UK is a great alternative. Though the process may be a bit more burdensome considering that it is based outside Australia, the benefits of shopping from this store are definitely compelling. Have you tried ordering at Amazon.co.uk? Tell us your experience.

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