Amazon Shipping Methods, Rates and Times to Australia

One of the factors you should consider when shopping from an overseas online store, such as, is its shipping policy. This includes the delivery rates offered to international customers, the methods by which your package will be delivered and the transit time within which you expect to receive it.

Amazon Global Program offers three shipping methods to Australia, which includes Standard (9-12 days), Expedited (7-11 days) and Priority Courier Shipping (2-5 days). All of which are done by air.  As for the cost, Standard Shipping is the cheapest option and Priority Courier Shipping, the most expensive. The shipping rates are further determined by the category of the item purchased, the numbers of items in one package and the weight of said package.

Below are the shipping rates (in US dollars) charged by for deliveries to Australia:

Amazon Shipping Rates to Australia


During Check Out, the available shipping methods and actual shipping cost will be shown to you before you finally place your order. But if you want to calculate the shipping cost beforehand, follow this step:

  • Determine under which category your order belongs. The categories are shown in the first column.
  • Select which of the three shipping method you prefer.
  • You will notice that each column is further divided into two (2) column, that is, “Per Shipment” and “Per Item“. To calculate the cost, multiply the “Per Item” rate to the number or the weight in pound, as the case may be, of the items you ordered and add it to the “Per Shipment” rate.

To illustrate, if you ordered two Kindle devices and you prefer Expedited Shipping, the shipping cost will be ($2.99 x 2) + $8.99. That will be $14.97 and your order will arrive in you Australian address within 7-11 days.

If you ordered several toys with a consolidated shipping weight of 4 lbs and you selected Standard Shipping, you’ll have to spend ($3.99 x 4) + $4.99 or a total of $20.95.

Third-Party Merchants Shipping Policies

Do note, however, that the rates shown above are applicable only to products sold or fulfilled by Amazon, Inc. Remember that is also a marketplace for third-party merchants. These merchants have their own international shipping policies and rates, different from that of You don’t have to worry though, as these merchants have their respective pages at that deals with their shipping rates and policies. Some of these merchants even offer free international shipping.

Amazon Prime

Now, you may have heard that is offering Free Shipping Options to its Amazon Prime members. Unfortunately, you can only use your Amazon Prime Membership for orders to be delivered to US addresses. Similarly, if you have read about AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping, this promo is also not available for deliveries to Australia. It can only be availed of if you will ship your orders to a single address in Mexico or Singapore.

If you have any question about Amazon shipping rates and policies to Australia, let us know through the comment section.



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