Amazon Payment Methods, Does It Accept PayPal?

One of the issues that has to be addressed by international online shoppers is regarding Payment Method. As for, there is no difference between the payment methods accepted for US residents and that for its international customers, such as those from Australia.

Accepted Payment Methods

Currently, Amazon accepts major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discovery Network, Diner’s Club, American Express, JCB, NYCE, STAR and China UnionPay.

Aside from the above credit and debit cards, you may also pay using the Store Card. You may apply for it through this link.

Amazon Gift Cards

Finally, Amazon also sells its own Gift Cards that may be redeemed toward any item sold at The good thing about Amazon Gift Cards is that they never expire and no extra fees are charged. Hence, you can redeem the gift card in its face value.

You can purchase Amazon Gift Cards on this link. You can choose between physical gift cards that will be delivered to you, or a card sent to you via email. The value of the card is flexible too, you having the choice between $0.50 to $2000. They also come in different designs for different occasions.

Credit Card Charges

Aside from the actual price of your order, the shipping cost and the import fee deposit, when applicable, will not charge any other amount to your credit card. Should you find unknown charges, it is best that you contact your issuing bank to deal with the issue.

Do note, however, that if your credit card is denominated in a currency other than US Dollar, the currency conversion rate could be higher than the prevailing rate in the market.  To make things simple, Amazon allows you to choose by which currency you would want your credit card to be charged. You can do this on the final checkout page.

Dealing with Declined Credit Card Payment

It is not uncommon that your order may be placed on hold because of issues with your credit card. Most of the time, this happens when Amazon declines your payment method or your bank does not approve your transaction.

If your credit card has been declined by Amazon, you should immediately check your Amazon Account and confirm whether you have entered the correct credit card number, the billing address, expiration date, phone number, the name exactly written on it and your security pin. Remember that all these information should match those associated with your credit card.

If your bank disapproves the transaction, contact your bank and inquire into the reason for the disapproval. The most common reason for this is when you have exceeded your credit limit. In that case, you should try another credit card or other payment method.

Unsupported Payment Methods

If you are wondering if accepts PayPal payments, the answer is NO. Amazon does not support PayPal at the moment. Similarly, Amazon does not accept cash of any currency, checks,  wire transfers, and anything that is not mentioned above.


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