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How many times have you Googled Amazon Australia hoping that you’ll find a real local Amazon website that works just like, or an Amazon equivalent in Australia? I guess you’ve found But to your disappointment, it is not what you are expecting it to be. You realised that it is only an ebook store for the Australian market. It does not even sell Kindle devices directly.

The hidden Amazon Australia page you are wishing for.

Amazon Australia
What if I tell you that there is a hidden page at that is especially made for Australians and other non-US resident shoppers? Would you be excited if you’ll find out that there are over 10 Million books listed on that page that Amazon can deliver directly to Australia?

Looking for Amazon electronics, cameras, power tools, health supplements, clothing, shoes, watches, jewelry, game consoles, sports and outdoor items, and other items and you’re hoping that you’ll get them in Australia without any hassle? In the link I will provide, you’ll find out millions of these products that can send to Australia.

So here is the link, the Amazon Global page. But before you proceed, be sure to check out the 4 easy steps on how to shop at Amazon from Australia. These steps are outlined below.

How Amazon Global works for Australians has been expanding its Amazon Global Program to reach more international customers. This program enables Amazon to take orders from non-US customers and fulfill these orders by shipping them to international destinations. It provides door-to-door tracking and hassle-free import clearance. Currently, this program serves over sixty-five (65) countries around the world which, of course, includes Australia and New Zealand.

Going straight to might be frustrating because not all items at this store are available for global shipping. It is best that you go through the following steps and me minded of the tricks below so that you’ll discover which items may be sent directly to Australia.

So here are the 4 easy steps to do your Amazon shopping:

Visit Amazon GlobalarrowAmazon Australia StorearrowAmazon Global pagearrowAmazon Australia Shipping



FIRST, visit Amazon Global through this page. This page is intended for non-US online shoppers where all Amazon products, including those sold by third-party sellers, are sorted out according to whether they are available for international delivery.


SECOND, search for the product that you want to be shipped to Australia. You can do this in three (3) easy ways:

  1. In Amazon Global Page, click on your desired product categories listed on the “Featured Categories” located at the left side bar of the page.Amazon Australia Store
  2. Alternatively, locate the “AmazonGlobal Eligible” or “Ship to Australia” filter on the left sidebar of Amazon webpage.
    Amazon Australia
  3. You may also search products at in the usual way that you do. In the product description of your desired item, look for this line in the Product Details, “This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.



THIRD, once you have decided on what item to buy, proceed with the Check Out process as you would normally do in any online store. Use your Australian Home Address as your shipping address. As for your billing address, use the address associated with your credit card or whatever payment method you choose to pay

Do note that aside from the price of your item, will also charge minimal fees for shipping. When you check out, you will be asked to choose which shipping method you prefer with the corresponding estimated arrival date and fee. For current Amazon international shipping rates, refer to this article.

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Aside from that, if your package costs more than AU$ 1000, Amazon will charge Import Fee Deposit that will be spent for customs duties in Australia. If your package is below the threshold amount, you will NOT be charged.

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FINALLY, wait until Amazon and its shipping partners deliver the package to you in Australia. Transit time depends on the Shipping Method you selected during Check Out and the category of the item you ordered. As soon as your order is confirmed, you will be able to track your order through you Amazon account.

Top 5 Concerns of Aussies Shopping at Amazon

Many first-time Amazon shoppers tend to ask several questions before they finally place orders at the store. Here are some of the common queries that most of our readers have asked.

1. Delivery Rates and Time

Is it expensive to ship items from Amazon to Australia? The answer, it depends on the shipping method you choose and the item you bought. It can cost from as cheap as $6.00 to as expensive as $35.00. We have covered the detailed Australia shipping rates and transit times of Amazon in this article.

2. Payment Method

Will my credit card issued in Australia be accepted by Amazon? Most likely, yes. The store accepts most credit cards that are issued in OZ. You may also pay through Gift Cards. Does it accept PayPal? You may find the answer to this and other payment-related questions in this article.

3. Customs Duties and OZ Taxes

Is it not that delivering a product sold at Amazon to OZ is equivalent to importation? Do I need to pay importation fees? If yes, how much? Who will handle the clearance process? All these questions are addressed in this article.

4. Warranties and Returns

I want to order an electronic item from Amazon. However, I am particular with warranties and return policies of the store. Also, are electronic items sold at USA compatible with the electricity in Australia. You will find detailed information about this topic here (for Warranties and Returns) and here (for Electrical Requirements).

5. Clothing and Shoes Sizes

There’s just so many apparel and shoes sold at and I wish to buy some. I am just worried that size I’ll order won’t fit. Where can I see the details of the sizes of the clothes and shoes sold at Amazon? Here.


A real Amazon Australia Store may not become a reality in the near future. Nevertheless, the Amazon Global Program is a good alternative for now, especially for Australians who are looking for good deals online. Have you tried shopping at Why not share your review about the store?

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